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“Imposters”: What A First Season and What A Finale!



Imposters: What A First Season and What A Finale!
Image credit: NBCUniversal Television Distribution

It’s not as well known as other comedies currently airing on television. It doesn’t have the kind of viewership that mega-shows like Game of Thrones enjoy. But Imposters is as hilarious as it is riveting. Season One just concluded and, after ten episodes, the audience share of the show has grown modestly from 655,000 to 801,000. On Rotten Tomatoes, Imposters has a 100% rating. Not bad for a black comedy with no big name stars, an untried formula and writers without a long list of big hits.

Season One of Imposters begins and ends with a wedding. In the first episode, Ezra Bloom marries Ava. After a short while, Ava disappears with her husband’s assets and leaving a video telling Ezra not to look for her. Financially wiped out, Ezra goes into depression. A stranger, Richard, pays him a visit and they discover that they married the same woman although Richard knew her as Alice. They resolve to search for her and, while following small clues, they meet Jules, a lesbian who was also married to Ava/Alice whom she knew as CeeCee. Like Ezra, Richard and Jules lost all their money after marriage.

The three follow Ava/Alice/CeeCee to Seattle where she was laying the grounds for her next con. Ava/Alice/CeeCee is revealed to be Maddie who works with Max and Sally, and all three are employees of The Doctor. The target in Seattle is a banker who had been laundering money for The Doctor but who had also been stealing on the side.

Complications arise when Maddie, who now goes by the name Saffron Keys, meets Patrick at a cafe near the bank. The attraction is electric and Maddie is badly smitten. Despite being discouraged from forming personal relationships due to the nature of their work, Saffron becomes involved with Patrick who “grudgingly” admits being a self-made multi-millionaire.

Meanwhile, Sally masquerades as a housekeeper for the banker. After he found her snooping under the floor boards and discovering piles of money he had been stealing, Sally kills the banker in self-defense. Losing the target for their next con, the focus shifts on Patrick.

Ezra, Richard and Jules reach Seattle, find Maddie and discover that Patrick is really an FBI agent. His “aunt” and “sister” are likewise FBI agents and their team had been on the trail of The Doctor for a long time. Patrick’s mission is to make Saffron fall in love with him then use her to get to The Doctor.

In the tenth episode, the season finale, Patrick and Saffron are getting ready for their wedding. The Doctor, one of the invited guests, is supposed to be nabbed after the wedding. How everything plays out… Well, if you have a chance to see Season One of Imposters, I recommend that you do so. The situations are funny, the actors are good, the plot is suspenseful… It’s just so enjoyable. A breath of fresh air from the intrusion of too-much-CGI on the small screen.

There has been no announcement if there’s going to be a Season Two.